The innovative award winning slimline MEM2400LP Mechanical Electro Magnetic Lock has been designed as an alternative to standard magnetic locks especially suited for situations where door height or narrow profile door frames create installation restrictions and appearance is of paramount importance. The patented MEM incorporates both magnetic and mechanical design principles to achieve a superior holding force of up to 1000kg, whilst being 75% smaller than a standard 600kg Electro Magnet. The MEM2400 is capable of opening with up to 70kg side pressure on the door and has the added security function of "Early Warning" alarm condition. The device comes with the FSH patented "Anti-Tamper-Bracket" as standard. The MEM2400LP has a range of "sister-products" for a variety of applications. This includes unique sliding door locking solutions as well as delayed egress locking products, all based on the patented MEM locking technology.




  • Compact size
  • High holding force
  • Low power consumption
  • LIGHT PANEL (LP) is the external long distance visibility indicator panel (colour change red/green/off), indicating the status, insecure/secure or power-off.
  • LOCK STATUS SENSOR (LSS) is the monitoring by hall-effect sensor of the locking device itself (locking pin engaged or disengaged).
  • DOOR STATUS SENSOR (DSS) is the monitoring of the door position by magnetic reed switch within the armature plate and magnetic lock body (door open or door closed), providing switching of normally open dry contacts for remote alarm indication.
  • EARLY WARNING (EW) is a patented and unique alarm feature of the MEM product range. The early warning is triggered on initial pressure being applied to the door, giving a local or remote alarm indication.
  • ANTI TAMPER BRACKET The MEM2400 Series comes with a unique Anti Tamper Bracket, to prevent hostile attacks on the fixing bolt (dome-nut) of the armature plate.



MEM Locking Device - Outward Opening Hinged Doors






MEM Locking Device - Inward Opening Hinged Doors







MEM2400EXT Series




MEM Delayed Egress Locking Device





MEM4400 Series




MEM Sliding Door Locking Device