MEM Lock™ Mechanical Electro Magnetic Sliding Door Locking Device


The innovative MEM4400 Series Mechanical Electro Magnetic Lock is a small and extremely strong sliding door locking solution. It has been specifically designed for automatic sliding door applications where the size of common electromechanical locking mechanisms create installation difficulties. Located on or within the sliding door track mechanism the patented MEM incorporates both magnetic and mechanical design principles to achieve an exceptional holding force of up to 680kg at an extraordinary compact size.


The MEM4400 Series also provides full monitoring, LSS, DSS and Early Warning (EW) security alarm indication. The device accepts voltage of 12-24VDC and has low power consumption of 260mA @ 12V.


MEM Lock™ is recommanded to be used on doors <2400mm

  • Compact design locking device for sliding doors
  • For automatic sliding doors. Lock located on or within the door track
  • Early Warning Alarm (EW)
  • High holding force up to 680kg
  • Low power consumption 12VDC/260mA
  • 5 year warranty
  • 4 hour fire rated
  • Full monitoring Lock Status Sensor (LSS) and Door Status Sensor (DSS)

FSH MEM4400 Brochure

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FSH MEM4400 Installation Instructions

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