MEM Lock™ Mechanical Electro Magnetic Locking Device


The innovative slimline MEM2400LED-LZ Mechanical Electro Magnetic Lock for inward opening doors has been designed as an alternative to standard magnetic locks. The MEM2400LED-LZ comes as a combination with L&Z-Brackets.


The patented MEM2400LED-LZ incorporates both magnetic and mechanical design principles to achieve a superior holding force of up to 1000kg. The MEM2400LED-LZ is capable of opening with up to 70kg side pressure on the door.


MEM Lockis recommanded to be used on doors <2400mm

  • Slimline design 75% smaller than a standard 600kg magnet
  • High holding force up to 1000kg and releases under side load of up to 70kg
  • Dual-Voltage 12/24VDC Low power consumption 24VDC/175mA
  • 5 year warranty
  • Simple installation
  • 4 hour fire rated
  • Full monitoring Lock Status Sensor (LSS) and Door Status Sensor (DSS)
  • Early Warning Alarm (EW)
  • Anti Tamper Bracket (to protect the armature plates fixing bolt)

FSH MEM2400LED-LZ Brochure

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FSH MEM2400LED-LZ Specifications

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FSH MEM2400LP Installation Instructions

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