High Security Motorised Lock for Sliding Doors


The patented HL1260 is a high torque motor driven hook lock for a sliding door. It can be installed vertically in the door frame (lock style) with the strike plate mounted on the edge of the door.


Alternatively there is a surface mount box for the strike plate and/or lock for a sliding door.


The HL1260 is considered a “Green Product” as it consumes an in-rush current of 290mA@12VDC only during locking and unlocking action (active Mode), then in the locked or unlocked state (Sleep-Mode), it consumes current less than15mA@12VDC.


The Hook Lock HL1260 should not be installed to doors exposed to wind and weather.

• Motorised locking device

• Durability tested to 400,000 cycles

• Multi voltage from 12 to 30VDC

• Sleep-Mode Current less than 15mA@12VDC

• Fully monitored including Reed Switch for door position

• Up to 650 kg Holding Strength

• 5 year warranty


FSH HL1260 Brochure

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