High Magnetic High Security Locking Device


The Electro Magnetic Lock FEM4000HST/DHST has 
an electronically addressable armature plate, unique to each magnet and has a holding force of up to 580kg. The device has up to 4 hour fire resistance rating tested to both Australian and British Fire Test Standards. The device is provided with built in surge protection and accepts both 12 and 24VDC. This Electro Magnetic Lock also provides the following monitoring features:


  1. Lock Status Sensor by Hall-Effect (LSS)
  2. Internal CPU registered armature plate


The Electro Magnetic Lock FEM4000HST/DHST is provided with a lifetime warranty and supplied with an Anti-Tamper-Plate as standard, to prevent hostile attacks on the dome-nut-fixing bolt of the Armature Plate. The device is S.C.E.C. approved for “Secure Areas.”

  • Electronically addressable armature plate
  • Guaranteed no residual magnetism
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CE & C-Tick
  • 4 hour fire tested
  • SCEC Approved for secure areas

FSH FEM4000 Brochure

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FSH FEM4000 Specifications

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FSH FEM4000 Installation Instructions

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