High Security Power Saving Electro Magnetic Locking Device EcoMag™


The patented ECO5700HS model is a high security power saving Electro-Magnetic Lock with an individually encoded addressable armature plate. The lock will only recognize its own armature plate to prevent the device from being compromised by false plates.


Under normal, non-alarm conditions, the ECO5700HS “EcoMag” operates in a low current `Sleep-Mode’ of 70mA @ 24V with a holding force of 340kg. In the event of an unauthorised attempt to open the door, the ECO5700HS “EcoMag” “wakes up” and goes into an Alarm Mode with full current of 300mA @ 24V applied to the device, instantly increasing the holding force to up to 680kg.


The EcoMag operates on multi voltage 10-26VDC, provides an Early Warning (EW) signal output, has a built-in local Alarm Buzzer, with full monitoring of Lock Status and Door Status, long distance Light Panel indicator and an Exit Switch Delay function.


The device is provided with the FSH patented Anti-Tamper-Plate as standard.

  • Truly Green product
  • Door and Lock Status Monitoring Sensor (DSS & LSS)
  • Early Warning signal output and local alarm buzzer (EW)
  • Multi Voltage 10-26VDC low power consumption (70mA@24VDC Sleep-Mode)
  • Exit Switch Delay Function
  • Long distance Light Panel (LP)
  • Addressable armature plate
  • Zero residual magnetism
  • Anti-Tamper-Plate

FSH ECO5700HS Brochure

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FSH ECO5700HS Specifications

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FSH ECO5700HS Installation Instructions

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