Does size matter with green building security? FSH say yes!

FSH 300X300.jpg

FSH identifies the need for a secure, environmentally conscious solution in electronic access control. What started as project to bring a green solution to electronic locking has resulted in the development of the EcoLine range, including the MEM2400. This unique, Australian engineered mechanical electro-magnetic lock ticks all the boxes when being considered for a green building –


  • The MEM2400 is 75% smaller and 10% of the weight of high-security electromagnetic locks
  • 50% less current draw than some other leading brands
  • Up to 50% greater holding force than a conventional electromagnetic lock


So what does this mean for building design, running costs and the environment overall. A smaller design means less of a production footprint, and the ability to fit into a wider range of door designs. A lower current draw means less electricity usage, which is good for the environment and reduces on-going running costs. It also means less reliance on back-up power in case of power-failure. All these features, while getting a greater holding force than most conventional electromagnetic locks.

FSH, part of the Allegion family of brands, has a legacy of developing innovative and market changing electronic locking devices. FSH products are engineered and tested in Australia to meet the needs of the Australasian market.